Who I am…

Lic. Valeria Piquero Willassen, Psy.

Happiness is the most important…

My name is Valeria Piquero Casals de Willassen, (born 1972). I am Venezuelan, of Spanish parents, married to a Norwegian and have two daughters (2002 and 2004).

Education and experience

I graduated with a degree in psychology in Venezuela (Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas) in 1996 and then in 2002 I graduated with a postgraduate degree in Clinical at the same university but professors from several countries (USA, Argentina, Venezuela and Spain). I have also done endless courses, seminars and thesis work throughout my career.

Since I graduated in 1996 I have worked as a psychologist in public hospitals, clinics, non-profit organizations and universities. In addition to publications and articles in different media.


Approach and philosophy

All people deserve to be happy and a psychologist has the necessary tools to help people achieve that happiness. Regardless of whether they are going through a difficult stage in life or just want to improve and get to know each other better, it is always worth doing therapy.

I have education and experience in the most important currents of psychology (psychoanalysis, congnitivism, gestalt, positive psychology, etc.) and my therapies are systemic and personalized. It depends on the characteristics of the patient and their situation, I use the therapy that best suits.



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